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Customs & Immigration

EU Customs Allowances

If you come to the UK directly from another EU country you can bring as much alcohol and tobacco as you want providing it is for your own use, and you can satisfy customs officers that you have brought it into the UK for personal use.

What constitutes personal own

'Own use' includes goods for your own consumption and gifts. If you bring in goods for resale, or for any payment, even payment in kind, they are regarded as being for a commercial purpose.

Leaving the airport through customs

Most UK ports and airports have three exits or 'channels', while some have only one exit, with a red point phone for declaring goods.

Use the Red Channel if you:

Use the Green Channel if you are travelling from a non-EU country with:

Use the Blue Channel if you are travelling from a EU country with:

Alcohol & tobacco - tolerated quantities

If you are bringing in alcohol or tobacco goods and the UK Customs have reason to suspect they may be for a commercial purpose, a Customs officer may ask you questions and make checks.

There are heavy penalties for smuggling, so:

EU countries where limits are applied

Some EU countries are exceptions to the above, and limits on the amount of tobacco products brought into the UK without paying duty are applied. These are as follows:

* No limit on other tobacco products as long as they are for your own use.

If you have tobacco products over these limits you should speak to a Customs officer in the red channel or on the red point phone.

Declaring cash when entering or leaving the UK

As of 15 June 2007, if you are travelling to or from a country outside the European Union (EU), you will need to declare any sums of cash of 10,000 Euro or more (or the equivalent in another currency) to the UK Customs.

You do not need to declare cash if you are travelling to or from another EU country.

More information

For further information about UK customs and its rules and restrictions, visit HM Revenue & Customs - Information for travellers.

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